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URN is the University of Nottingham's award winning student radio station.You can listen online, on 1350AM on campus or in some of the university's shops and bars.

Sixty Symbols - Roger Bowley

We talk to Professor Roger Bowley, who you may know from the University's very own Sixty Symbols videos. You can check them out online at Read more on our blog at

44:57 minutes (41.16 MB)

The Evolution of Galaxies - Will Hartley

We chatted to Will Hartley about galaxy evolution and how we know where dark matter is located in the Universe.. Read more on our blog at

42:12 minutes (57.97 MB)

Dark Energy - Tony Padilla

We spoke to particle cosmologist, Tony Padilla, about what makes up our Universe. Read more on our blog at

43:41 minutes (40.01 MB)

Molecules in Space - Keith Smith

We chatted to Keith Smith about astrochemistry and how we find molecules in the dark depths of space. Read more on the blog at

40:38 minutes (46.52 MB)

Are We Alone? - Frazer Pearce

We spoke to Dr. Frazer Pearce about whether it's possible for there to be life out there... Read more on our blog at

43:12 minutes (49.45 MB)

Nanotechnology: A Fantastic Voyage - Phil Moriarty

We chatted to Professor Phil Moriarty about nanotechnology and whether Science Fiction can become reality - will nanobots really take over the world? Or is it just wild speculation? Check out The Science Show blog:

43:15 minutes (45.46 MB)

Galaxy Zoo - Boris Haeussler

We talked to our resident scientific expert, Boris Haeussler, about Galaxy Zoo and other citizen science projects. Find out more on our blog at

45:04 minutes (51.6 MB)

Supermassive Black Holes - Omar Almaini

Dr Omar Almaini joins us as we discuss supermassive black holes, their roles at the center of galaxies and the effects of being pulled into them...

Check out the blog:

45:30 minutes (41.67 MB)

The Origins of the Universe - Ed Copeland

In the last of our 'guest lecturer' series, we chat to Professor Ed Copeland about the origins of the Universe, the Big Bang, inflation, quarks, 'dark' matter, 'normal' matter, 'anti-'matter and 'does it even' matter?
Check out the blog:

49:16 minutes (56.4 MB)

Cooking With The Stars - Chris Conselice

In this one-off cookery 'Come Dine With Me' special, we talk to Professor Chris Conselice about what ingredients make up a galaxy and the different types of stars you can find in the universe. Check out the blog at

47:07 minutes (43.16 MB)

The Science of Christmas

In a Science Show Christmas special, we talk about the science of Christmas. Just how does Santa get all those presents to children around the world? What science is behind the perfect Christmas dinner? We answer these questions and more! Check out the blog:

50:20 minutes (46.1 MB)

Science? Videos? Explosions? Sold. - Brady Haran

After a long Christmas break, the URN Science Show is back and we are talking to Brady Haran about his work with The University of Nottingham.

Check out the blog here:

47:25 minutes (54.27 MB)

Ph.D or Job? What next? - James Clewett

In a careers special, we talk to Ph.D student James Clewett about how to make those life changing decisions and we discuss his wide and varied career. Read the blog at

51:22 minutes (41.16 MB)

Nottingham Sky Watch LIVE

The Science Show team attempt to image the amazing sights in the night sky and we chat about what you need to see into the depths of the universe while answering your astronomy questions! Check out the blog at

44:38 minutes (30.66 MB)

Solar Cells - Libby Gibson

Today on The URN Science Show we are going all green and environmentally friendly and we're chatting to Libby Gibson, a chemist from the University of Nottingham about solar cells.

Check out the blog here:

46:53 minutes (53.66 MB)

Artificial Intelligence - Julie Greensmith

How close are we to helpful robots with their own personalities in the home? We talk to Dr Julie Greensmith from the Computer Science department about the creation of decision making, intelligent systems that could one day be put in charge of looking after us. Check out the blog:

47:09 minutes (37.79 MB)

So you want to be an astronaut? - Simon Coggins

On today's show, we talk to University of Nottingham alumni and almost-astronaut Simon Coggins about the job interview for becoming an astronaut. Stay tuned to learn the secret of getting the job of a lifetime!

46:48 minutes (32.14 MB)

Gravity - From Newton to Einstein, Dark Matter to Supermassive Black Holes - 20/02/12

This week we're talking about Gravity! Travelling from the basics with Newton and his apples onto more complicated stuff with Einstein and black holes, gravitational lensing and even how you can measure the acceleration due to gravity in Student Science!

Check out the blog at

50:36 minutes (57.92 MB)

Exploding Volcanoes & River Roots - Nick Mount

Today we are talking to Dr Nick Mount from the geography department at the University of Nottingham about volcanoes and rivers. Check out the blog:

47:40 minutes (38.2 MB)

Green chemistry and solvents - Prof. Martyn Poliakoff

Our guest today is a pioneer in an area called Green Chemistry. Professor Martyn Poliakoff is also a YouTube super star from the Periodic Table of Videos, but his research focuses on developing methods for industry that involve as little hazard to the environment as possible. This includes replacing more harmful solvents with pressurised carbon dioxide.

Check out the blog here:

50:37 minutes (46.35 MB)

Lakes, poisonous algae and paleo-what? - Suzanne Mcgowan

Today we're talking to Suzanne Mcgowan from the geography department here at the University of Nottingham about her research into paleolimnology, it's the history of freshwater lakes.

Check out the blog here:

44:50 minutes (51.32 MB)

Tissue Engineering - Dr. Felicity Rose

Today we're talking to Dr. Felicity Rose about her work on tissue engineering. Her work uses tissue engineering to generate models for studying diseases, such as asthma.
Check out the blog here:

45:39 minutes (52.26 MB)

URN’s Big Fat Science Round-Up of the Year

Join George as he plays host to Dave and Davs in URN’s Big Fat Science Round-Up of the Year! Today we'll be talking about the biggest news stories of the year so far and along the way we're throwing in a couple of games with Producer Carl to entertain you! So come join us in our cavalcade of whimsy..

42:02 minutes (45.05 MB)

Back to the Futurama of Science

Today we're talking about mobile phones, medical systems and Hollywoods take on future technology. Throw in a couple of games, a Futurama sound board, some George O'Neill, Emma Bradshaw, David Farmer and Carl Mundy in the mix too and you have... Back to the Futurama of Science!

42:49 minutes (34.32 MB)

Imaging The Brain - Matt Brookes

This week we're back to our normal format and talking to Matt Brookes about all things MRI, MEG and how we get a good look at our brains without drilling a hole and making a slippery mess.

48:29 minutes (38.85 MB)

The Zooniverse - Steven Bamford

Today we shall be talking to Steven Bamford about the Zooniverse!
The Zooniverse is home to the internet's largest, most popular and most successful citizen science projects. Check out the blog:

48:05 minutes (33.02 MB)

Citation needed!

This Science Show is all about those science myths flying around that need a good debunking.

48:30 minutes (44.42 MB)

A Short History of Science

Science has had a weird, wonderful and often controversial journey through the ages. Today, we take you on this journey and give you the most entertaining overview of the history of science you will ever hear!

42:05 minutes (33.73 MB)

Gravitational Lensing & Dark Matter - Meghan Gray

Today our guest is Dr Meghan Gray and we are talking about gravitational lensing, dark matter and the largest structures in the universe! Read the blog at to find out more...

49:10 minutes (33.77 MB)

The End (Of The World and the First Series)

In the last show of the first ever series of The Science Show, we fittingly chat about the different ways the world as we know it could end as well as say our goodbyes to some of the team.

50:14 minutes (40.25 MB)

Summer 2012 News Roundup

The new Science Show Team take you through the biggest science news stories of the summer. From the discovery of a Higgs Boson-like particle to the IgNobel Prizes, we discuss the stories that rocked the front pages over the summer break.

41:52 minutes (38.35 MB)

Insect Mimicry & Conservation - Francis Gilbert

Our second guest ever to join us from the Biology department, Dr Francis Gilbert, joins us in a light hearted discussion about insects, their evolutionary tricks and how conservation projects allow the study of them. Check out the blog at

46:12 minutes (37.02 MB)

Your UCAS Questions & Cheap Astronomy - Mike Merrifield

We pose your UCAS questions to the admissions tutors for Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry and Biosciences. Joined by Mike Merrifield in the studio, we discuss his low-cost astronomy research. Read the blog with extra UCAS hints and tips at

46:19 minutes (31.81 MB)

Science of Sound

On today's show we will be talking about music and how science can actually enhance the listening experience! We also have arranged for a very special guest - Science Show elf Ben! Ben will be playing his guitar to help demonstrate what we will be talking about. -

44:02 minutes (35.29 MB)

Scary Science - Halloween Special

Today we talk all things spooky and scary in our ghoulishly great Halloween special for 2012! The whole team joins us in the studio to tell us the science behind our favourite monsters!

41:10 minutes (37.69 MB)

Searching for Dark Matter - Anne Green

Particle theorist Dr Anne Green from the School of Physics & Astronomy joins us to discuss what dark matter could be and how we go about trying to shine a light on it. Read the blog:

44:57 minutes (30.86 MB)

Battle Royale - Chemistry vs. Physics

Today we settle century-old disputes and set half our team against the other. It's the ultimate showdown - what is the better science? Chemistry or Physics? Listen to find out who won...

47:43 minutes (32.78 MB)

Students in Space

Join us this week when we take you on the bumpiest journey ever into space, and leave you there until next week's show! The whole Science Show team guide you through rockets, space stations and even frogs!

44:35 minutes (30.62 MB)

Desert Island Lizards - Adam Algar

We are joined by Dr Adam Algar from the School of Geography who is talking about biodiversity, islands and his favourite lizards. We pose even more of your questions to Adam at the end in a podcast exclusive! Check out the blog:

53:24 minutes (36.69 MB)

Attracting The One - Sophie Mowles

Dr. Sophie Mowles joins us in the studio for a light-hearted discussion about courtship in the animal kingdom. Hear secret top tips from the students of Nottingham on how to attract that special someone and learn about the surprisingly weird mating displays of wasps and crickets! Read the blog:

47:12 minutes (32.41 MB)

Big Fat Science Round-Up of the Year 2

George, Ben and Carl review the major scientific discoveries and announcements of 2012 in our Big Fat Roundup of the Year!

43:48 minutes (35.09 MB)

Mysterious Magical Mystery Tour

In this episode we present to you a bargain bucket of ideas as we discuss our own experiences with applying for PhDs as well as bring you up to date on the latest world-ending asteroid news and teach you how to sniff your way into the best relationship!

46:43 minutes (32.08 MB)

Making Molecules - Neil Champness

Prof. Neil Champness from the School of Chemistry is our guest today. He guides us through his use of DNA and Hydrogen bonds to make molecules behave the way he wants. Also on today's show, we introduce the brand-spanking new Student Science for 2013 - check out our custard video at

47:34 minutes (32.67 MB)

Sky Watch LIVE 2013!

After the (blisteringly cold) success of last year, The Science Show are once again venturing out of the comforts of the studio and broadcasting LIVE from the observatory on the roof of the physics building.

44:41 minutes (40.92 MB)

On Students & Spiders - Sara Goodacre

Nottingham's very own Spider Woman, Dr Sara Goodacre from the School of Biology, joins us to discuss the travel plans, sex lives and surprising uses of spiders. How ever much we tell ourselves otherwise, spiders are everywhere. Tune in to find out about the secret lives of spiders -

51:12 minutes (35.16 MB)

Living Antibiotics - Liz Sockett

Professor Liz Sockett joins us on this week's show to discuss the alarming rise in resistant bacteria and how her research using good bacteria (like those critters in Yakult) has the potential to solve this evolving crisis...

48:58 minutes (33.63 MB)

Delivering DNA - Martin Garnett

This week on The Science Show, we are joined by Martin Garnett from The School of Pharmacy. We'll be talking about genetic diseases and how it is possible to implant DNA into the cells to hopefully eradicate such illnesses. Also in the show is reaction to news of a child cured of HIV, the prickly subject which is animal testing and, erm, Notorious B.I.G.

47:33 minutes (32.65 MB)

Galaxies, Chocolate & Outreach - Nina Hatch

Astronomer Dr Nina Hatch joins new presenters Hena and Carl in the studio for an hour-long chat about galaxies, the clusters they form and the important of outreach projects such as the department's inflatable planetarium, The Inflativerse! Read the blog:

47:46 minutes (32.8 MB)

Life at NASA - Gareth Shannon

Astrobiologist Gareth Shannon joins us to talk about his research on primitive proteins, the origin of life and his experiences of working at NASA! The controversial Jabulani soccer ball also makes an appearance. Read the blog:

48:20 minutes (33.2 MB)

The Science Show's 50th Show Bonanza!

In celebration (and genuine bewilderment) that we have made it to 50 shows, the Science Show team throw all sensibilities out the window and take at look at how numbers can help you win at speed dating, engage in a battle between the presenters and the rest of the team, and what did the future looked like 50 years ago. We also see the return or Dave an Emma and a little known feature of Instant Expert, who will win? Listen to find out!

47:09 minutes (32.39 MB)

Dastardly Dark Energy - Kathy Romer

In our 51st show, we turn to the darker side of the universe by looking into its most mysterious component. It's so mysterious, scientists only inferred its existence for the first time in 1998. Astronomer Dr Kathy Romer from the University of Sussex joins us to probe this darkest of all dark things as we try to unravel the secrets of the universe... (Blog:

48:03 minutes (38.5 MB)

The Science Show Talks Mental Health

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week 2013, we talk about your mental health. With your own personal stories, interviews with social pharmacists and mental health advisors, we explore your options and give you advice on the steps you should take if you believe you're experiencing mental health issues. Blog:

43:27 minutes (34.81 MB)

Cosmic Lenses - Simon Dye

Astronomer and cosmic optician Dr. Simon Dye joins us to talk gravity, galaxies and gravitational lensing. George and Rosie join Simon on a gravity-obeying journey into the distorted, distant universe with the help of elusive gravitational lenses...


40:40 minutes (37.24 MB)

Science Outreach with Dallas Campbell

Dallas Campbell, presenter on BBC One's Bang! Goes The Theory and Channel 5's The Gadget Show, joins us to talk about his role as a science communicator and his experiences on Bang!. An outreach show about outreach; how delightfully meta...

48:10 minutes (38.6 MB)

Climate Change & You - Alexa Spence

Psychologist and future-maker Dr. Alexa Spence joins us for a lovely summer evening chat about climate change. Join us as we talk about new smart meters, 3D printed pizza and how climate change affects our every day lives!

49:25 minutes (39.6 MB)

Supercritical Chemistry - Steve Howdle

Chemist and FA accredited coach, Prof. Steve Howdle joins us to talk about his research into friendly solvents! From decaffeinated coffee to bone implants, Steve takes on a tour of his research and life!

47:48 minutes (38.31 MB)

The End (Of The Second Series)

Our last show of the year settles another question: which science will be the best 50 years from now? Rosie, Jenna and Ruth pitch cases for Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Which science will reign supreme in the age of wireless everything and cat suits? Find out on today's show...

43:27 minutes (49.74 MB)

S03E01 - Welcome Back!

Back for yet another series, we review the news stories from over the summer that caught our attention!

42:31 minutes (38.94 MB)

This Was The Week That Was

This week the team take a look at some of the week's previous big news stories. From the first of the Nobel Prizes being to given, to the mysterious world of a virtual currency, Bitcoins. This week also sees the return of Student Science, our semi-recurrent guide to some mildly interesting experiments you can try at home.

44:12 minutes (40.48 MB)

I Spy The Science of Espionage

Ever wanted to be a spy? We take a look at the science behind spying and espionage. From the gadgets that spies used in real life to the problems that can almost lead to the world's destruction!

49:15 minutes (45.09 MB)

Babies and Brains - Nicola Pitchford

Dr Nicola Pitchford from the School of Psychology joins us to talk about how playing with our food as babies could maybe affect our health and eating habits in the future. Also, we discuss a type of rare dyslexia Nicola has been studying!

50:35 minutes (46.39 MB)

Hollywood Science

Hollywood has had an often troubled relationship with science. Speed, Star Trek and now Gravity get the science wrong and we go through the worst offenders from Tinseltown. We also perform student science LIVE in the studio for the first time!

48:51 minutes (44.73 MB)

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Darren Walsh

Electrochemist Dr. Darren Walsh joins us to talk all about Hydrogen fuel cells. Is the lightest, most abundant element the future of our fuel needs? Find out on The Science Show.

49:50 minutes (57.03 MB)

Unzipping Your Genes with Chris Hayes

Organic chemist and friend to epigeneticists everywhere, Prof. Chris Hayes from The School of Chemistry joins the team to talk about organic chemistry and working with DNA! Mind controlled cockroaches and new body parts also make an uncontrolled entry...

45:14 minutes (41.42 MB)

Looking Into Vision

This week Producer Jenna takes command as the team decide to take a look into vision and how the eye works. We discuss the differences between vision in men and women, look into colour perception, and the weird world of the brain's role in all of this.

A show on the eyes fit for your ears!

46:35 minutes (42.67 MB)

Transition Metals - Debbie Kays

Chemist Dr. Debbie Kays joins Carl and Hena in the studio to take a tour of the transition metals, her favourite element Boron and a look over the scientific news that have hit the headlines in the past week! You can't say we don't treat you.

45:02 minutes (41.23 MB)

It's a Cracker! The Science of Christmas.

Well, this was inevitable, but fear not! The Science Show approach christmas in their own irreverent style. From discussing which laws of physics Santa chooses to follow, to the top ten gifts to give a scientist, join the team as we have our final swan song of 2013. There will be cake. Maybe.

46:13 minutes (42.32 MB)

2014: We Have Liftoff!

Back for 2014, the team take a look at some of the more unusual stories from 2013. Also we are joined by Physsoc and Biosoc to talk about what they have in store for the students of Nottingham and put them to battle in the most gruelling of challenges, MERELY SEQUENTIAL. Shenanigans and awkward silences ensue.

45:20 minutes (41.53 MB)

Phil Moriarty - Lectures, Learning & Bad Science

Prof. Phil Moriarty joins us for the second time to talk about lectures, learning and bad science. Are lectures the best way to learn? George and Carl tell Phil your thoughts and discuss how bad science can slip through the cracks!

47:28 minutes (43.47 MB)

The Simple Living Artificial Brain with Dr. Noah Russell

Dr. Noah Russell joins us to talk about the ambitious Simple Living Artificial Brain (SLAB) project which aims to study the brain at its most fundamental level. Come along as we talk brains, neurons and America's largest crack.

49:16 minutes (45.13 MB)

SkyWatch LIVE 2014

Team Science broadcast from the campus observatories! Join Ben and Carl as they talk to PhysSoc about joining the student stargazers, discuss the points of interest in the sky with our Edinburgh correspondent and question resident expert Julian Onions about the life of a star...

(Apologies for the audio quality in the first half of the show; an unforeseen technical problem caused us a problem!)

47:51 minutes (43.82 MB)

Talking Alzheimer's with Naomi Clement

Jenna and Joe talk to future doctor and PhD student Naomi Clement about her work looking into the genetic roots behind Alzheimer's disease. Join us for a journey through the brain, DNA and KitKats...

49:12 minutes (45.06 MB)

Nikola Tesla - The Unsung Hero

This week we tour the life of scientist, engineer and oddity that was Nikola Tesla. Time has not been kind to Tesla so we thought a show about him was the very least we could do. Listen to the story of this remarkable man, his inventions and his bitter rivalry with Thomas Edison. Also with added Student Science. Hurrah!

50:19 minutes (46.09 MB)

Saving The World With Satellites - Mike Steven

In our 75th show, we take a look at the ways satellite imagery can help us grow the best veg patch on the block and discover how Prof. Mike Steven and his collaborators are using Sutton Bonington campus to help monitor the effects of global warming.

48:22 minutes (38.76 MB)

My Weird Body

WARNING: This episode contains discussions of a sexual nature. If you're easily offended, please listen to another podcast. Otherwise, enjoy the show.

The Science Show Team take a look at the weird and wonderful human body. From orgasms in our feet to useless body parts, the human body is a confusing thing. We also discuss the news from the BICEP2 telescope on the detection of primordial gravitational waves!

45:19 minutes (31.13 MB)

Science In The Newsround

The team pick up on some of the news stories we haven't covered in the past couple months including giant snakes from Florida, bad science headlines (cough cough Daily Fail) and the hazards from meteorites to lunar bases. Let's round up the Science In The News!

44:30 minutes (30.56 MB)

Magnetic Levitation - Richard Hill

This week, the science show doesn't jump the shark, but kinda makes it float instead? Confused? Well listen in as we invite Dr. Richard Hill from the School of Physics to talk about the world of magnetic levitation. Join us as we ask all the tough questions about the science behind it. Is Richard secretly a wizard? Will hoverboards ever happen? Or as the Insane Clown Posse eloquently put it, f@!£%*g magnets, how do they work?

49:47 minutes (45.6 MB)

Sutton Bonington Science!

We travel to The University of Nottingham's Sutton Bonington Campus to explore the research going on there! We talk about flying Oktokopters, CT Scanners so big they've earned the nickname 'Beast' and a revolutionary type of salt! Oh, and Producer Joe plays Sutton Bonington Bingo around campus...

50:58 minutes (35 MB)

Exploring Extreme Weather

We chat to Georgina Endfield and Lucy Veale from The Weather Extremes Research Group about their ambitious project to document extreme weather events over the past 300 years! Don your fedoras and crack your whips as we become raiders of the lost archives...

52:36 minutes (36.13 MB)

A Brief History of You - Part One

FROM NOTHING TO EVERYTHING: The Science Show takes you on a journey through space and time, from the birth of the Universe to your own baby steps. In the first of this three part series, we listened in on the moment everything came to be and watched on as planet Earth rose from the dust...

47:30 minutes (32.63 MB)

A Brief History of You - Part Two

LET THERE BE LIFE - The Science Show takes you on a journey through space and time, from the birth of the Universe to your own baby steps. In the second of this three part series, we visit the Earth as the first chemical reactions which will ultimately go on to form life take place and talk about the first tentative baby steps aquatic creatures take from the seas onto land...

40:29 minutes (37.09 MB)

A Brief History of You - Part Three

A JOURNEY'S END - The Science Show takes you on a journey through space and time, from the birth of the Universe to your own baby steps. In the final chapter of this trilogy, we walk with the first inhabitants of the land, see the rise and fall of the dinosaurs and witness the decent from apes to man. 13.8 billion years comes down to this.

53:47 minutes (49.26 MB)