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Tom & Steve

last updated 02.05.12

Having known each other for a mammoth ten years, we decided we get on vaguely well and can bear to spend the early hours of Monday morning together for the good cause of waking up Nottingham's students! With recently arrived producer Becky we play the latest tracks from the URN playlist (as well as a few of our own favs) and attempt get you out of the right side of the bed at the start of the week. With features such as "Where's Becky At?" and "Wake Up..." the Tom & Steve show has the perfect dose of ridiculous and puerile humour for your Monday mornings. Check out our podcasts if you're not an early riser, if not see you from 8-10 every Monday morning on URN.

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  • Tom & Steve numero diez added 02.05.12 For the first show of the final term we thought new term, new feature! We had the first week of our Morning Teabag, because nothnig starts your day better than a morning teabag... We also had Arthur from Ali & Arthur as our special phone guest on Wake Up, and we sent a determined Becky out into campus to attempt to level the score in Where's Becky At? Enjoy!
  • Tom & Steve numero nuevo added 02.05.12 For this show Becky joined Steve on the whole presenting gig. We woke up Jon with another one of our zany challenges. We also resurrected our favourite chocolate alternative survey and sent Becky out into campus to give us another mystery location. Most of all we still had fun!
  • Tom & Steve kinda travel show added 10.04.12 This week our theme was travel which we followed vaguely religiously. Speaking of religion producer Becky tells us about a toastie from a Christian and goes out into the wider confines of campus for the first ever "Where's Becky at?" We also interviewed some uni-cyclists and found out how many people it would take to make a conga chain round campus. That's pretty much the entire show described but still, enjoy!
  • Tom & Steve nostalgia show added 12.03.12 It's nostalgia time on the Tom & Steve show! We're back in the decade of our childhood, reflecting on all the best toys, sweets and general things from the 90s! We had so much fun with this show and we hope you will listening to it.
  • Tom & Steve numero seiz added 13.02.12 Tom was ill this week but Steve soldiered on with the next round of our barter as well as all the usual tomfoolery on the Morning Show with Tom & Steve.
  • Tom & Steve numero cinco added 28.11.11 This week we had a recap of the barter feature as essay times meant we couldn't do a trade. Also Tom quizzed me on my extensive, or so I thought, dinousar knowledge; which actually prompted much debate from our listeners. We also gave our own essay tips as the deadlines approach, drawing on our respective experience as Masters students just for you, because we're just that nice.
  • Tom & Steve numero cuatro added 28.11.11 This week on the show our barter feature took us into the confines of Lenton, where my trade saw me acquire an object fit for a King, or an Ikea catalouge! I quizzed Tom on his knowledge of bees which he once again aced, partly due to poor quiz planning on my part! Plus lots more of us generally larking around.
  • Tom & Steve numero tres added 14.11.11 This week our barter feature hit new heights as we headed down to occupy Nottingham in Market Square to offer our wares to the anti-capitalist protestors. Also on the show we had former URN presenter Ben Cheyney and his colleague Alice from Volunterer Uganda to have a chat about what they're up to. If that wasn't enough I also tested Tom on his knowledge on bananas. Enjizzle!
  • Tom & Steve numero dos added 04.11.11 This week we decided to see how big a rally we could do with a beach ball during songs in what we called the back to back beach ball rally. We also had James from Musicality down for a chat about well... musicals and gummy bears in chocolate. Our barter feature reached Stage three and also Tom stubbed his toe and moaned about it a lot, enjoy!
  • Tom & Steve podcast numero uno. added 01.11.11 On the first ever show formerely know as the Steve & Tom show (otherwise known as the Tom & Steve show) we started off in style. The "weekly barter for stuff which is hopefully better than the last thing we had, weekly" got off to a flying start with successful bartering by both presenters. We also had Sarah Joy Lewis from the SU Exec on the show as well as discussing some of the mental things we've seen cyclists doing on campus this semester so far. Enjoy!