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The latest campus, Nottingham and student news from our news team. from 6PM on Tue 26th May

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URN is the University of Nottingham's award winning student radio station.You can listen online, on 1350AM on campus or in some of the university's shops and bars.

Episode 1 - Right, let's do this.

It's our first ever show, where there are discussions of Halloween and other general chat.

19:27 minutes (17.83 MB)

Episode 2 - We <3 Matt Smith

Bonfire night is the subject of the day and our deep love, our deep deep love for Matt Smith and all things Doctor Who surfaces

21:13 minutes (19.44 MB)

Episode 4 - The Reunion of The Chloe Sandwich

We celebrate World Toilet Day and our mate Josh joins us as a special guest, enjoy!.

28:38 minutes (26.23 MB)

Episode 3 - Nom Nom Nom

In honour of National School Meals Week, we talk about food... and Doctor Who (it's becoming a bit of a theme). Also Bertie Botts' Every Flavour Beans get a mention.

21:03 minutes (19.3 MB)

Episode 5 - Tree-mendous!

We celebrate National Tree Week by testing Jenna's knowledge of all things tree related and we debate the new Doctor Who movie that has been announced.

27:31 minutes (25.21 MB)

Episode 6 - Chloe + Jenna + Chemistry = FUN!

We dedicate the show to The International Year of Chemistry (seeing as we're Chemistry students). Plus an old friend of Chloe's resurfaces with surprising consequences.

27:24 minutes (25.11 MB)

Episode 7 - Merry Christmas everyone!

It's our last show before Christmas so we fully embrace the Christmas spirit.

39:07 minutes (35.83 MB)

Episode 7.5 - A Gift

What's that? 'How is there an episode 7.5?', I hear you cry. Well, this is an extra special little podcast we made just for you so you don't miss us too much while we're away.

25:23 minutes (23.25 MB)

Episode 8 - Guess who's back!

Yes, that's right, fear no longer, we have returned to your Saturday mornings! Enjoy our first show of 2012!

26:37 minutes (24.39 MB)

Episode 9 - Once upon a time...

In our last Saturday morning show, we talk about National Story Telling week and Jenna-ral knowledge is back!

22:56 minutes (21.01 MB)