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The Sport Show Headway


Our standard show with all of the regular features: Liam's Quiz, Murderous Matt, Weird and Wonderful news and Riddle Me This Riddle Me Matt. We hope you enjoy it!

41:56 minutes (38.41 MB)


The usual show with all of our regular features. This episode includes the man with the giant elastic band ball, 'That petter not hammer again' and two particularly difficult riddles! Enjoy the show.

41:19 minutes (37.84 MB)


Ollie fills in for Liam who is feeling sorry for himself with the sniffles and 'Who's Matt' features for the first time.

41:33 minutes (38.04 MB)


Liam makes a glorious return to the show!

41:42 minutes (38.18 MB)


Our first podcast of the new Uni year. It includes Liam's new guess the year competition, Weird and Wonderful News and of course Riddle Me This Riddle Me That and as always, plenty of controversy!

27:48 minutes (63.65 MB)


Podcast of the last show before Easter

27:38 minutes (63.26 MB)